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Ig Nobel Prizes 2021 Winners gh ag – News18 Gujarati

Ig Nobel Prizes 2021 Winners gh ag - News18 Gujarati

Science is not just about discovering serious things. Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded for very strange types of research. The award has been given since 1991. This type of research involves things that people don’t believe in first, then the same research forces people to think.

This year the award has been given to Olcay Cem Bulut and his team from Germany for their discovery of medicine. “Having sex with extremes can help you get rid of a stuffy nose,” he researched. This research has been done on 18 couples. Research has shown that their breathing problems have improved for 60 minutes after having sex.

The winner of the research

Ethan Besseris, Steven Nelwe and David Carrier of the University of Utah have won the “Peace” category. He researched that a beard makes the face look beautiful, as well as protects the face. He used sheep skin instead of human bones and human skin to do this research. Having a beard protects the facial bones, Besaris said.

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If this fact proves to be true for the human face, the weak bones of the face can be saved from a serious attack by keeping the whole beard, Besseris said. Veterinarian Robin Redflick is also a winner. They found out from research that ‘airlifting a rhinoceros with its legs upside down is very beneficial for its health.’ “Anything should be thought out of the box,” he added.

The Biology Prize winner is Susan Scottz. He has studied on ‘Cat’s Communication Language’. These include cat feeding, chirping, chittering, trilling, mowing, mowing, sequencing, hissing, yowling, howling, groaning.

Not only that, but the scientists who have studied the bacteria of chewing gum sticking on the pavement and have done research on cockroach control in submarines have also received this award. The awards ceremony is usually held at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater. The event was held online this year. The winners were sent paper trophies and નોટ 10 trillion in notes.

Mark Abraham, editor of Improbable Research Magazine, said, “If you have attended this year’s event and have not been a winner, you have a chance to win this award next year. Better for next year ‘


Ig Nobel Prizes 2021 Winners gh ag – News18 Gujarati

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